MEPSA Showcase Artist of the 2010/2011 season- DANI SCHACHT
Dani Schacht Studio- dapple grey
=Dani Schacht of Schacht Studio=
Dani is a MEPSA shower, supporter and a fine artist, who also has an abiding love for and extensive knowledge of horses. Dani has ridden, trained and shown in Jumping and Dressage, as well as driving. She enjoys the company of her two riding horses, and her miniatures. Dani loves trying new art techniques, and the speed with which she has developed an amazing talent is almost scary. I can't imagine what will come next, but I'm looking forward to seeing it! Her finished work already comes as close to breathing as any I've seen. Dani works in multiple media, and is skilled with all coat colors. She also does customizing work, and *surprise* Dani is affordable! As her name gets out there, and demand for her work goes up, it will be harder to come by, so now is the time to get yourself something! 

Dani riding her Warmblood

Beside creating beautiful models,
Dani is a beauty herself! Here, she is
on Hughie, her Holsteiner.

Dani's version of "Trooper", done as a commission.

a customized "Tropper" from Schacht Studio
Dani's website:

pinto drafter
Appaloosa by Dani

Watch for Dani's creations for MEPSA this season- we are PROUD to name Dani as a MEPSA competitor and supporter

Dani also takes lovely photos of her favorite subject: horses!

Contact Dani at

Dani's pastoral photograph of grazing grey