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What is MEPSA?

The Model Equine Photo Showers Association, formed in 1997, is a grass roots organization of Model horse hobbyists, joining together to promote the hobby of model horse photo showing on an International level. MEPSA is strictly a mail-in photo showing organization. Online entries are not accepted.

MEPSA showers participate in a series of qualifier shows throughout the year. Horses placing first, second or third in their classes are eligible to enter the highly anticipated annual Championship Show. MEPSA is for photo showers the equivalent of the North American Nationals model horse show, only on a world-wide level of competition. Take a look at some of our past years' Championship Show Grand and Reserve Champions in the Gallery of Champions.

Please take a moment to look through our information. Here you will find our Qualifier Show class list, a list of show dates, a judge's application, and helpful articles for photo showers. You can help lift this organization by giving us a chance; by competing in our shows and giving the entire model horse hobby an outlet for photo showing enthusiasts to compete and shine on a worldwide scale!

Other aims of MEPSA are to make available to interested parties information on all aspects of the photo horse showing hobby. In January 2010, the first edition of the Model Equine Photo Showing Guide, a 100 page full color book on model horse showing, was released. Filled with practical advice, informative articles, tips and tricks used by successful model horse showers and ample full color illustrations,

The Model Equine Showing Guide is the first volume of its kind, devoted entirely to the art and practice of model horse showing. Click Here to go directly to the book.


The MEPSA Mission Statement
The mission of the Model Equine Photo Showers Association is to serve as an inclusive organization to promote photo showing in the model horse hobby.

Since 1997