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MEPSA Showcase Artist of the 2015/2016 Season

Angelica Nelson of Elk Horn Stables Studios

Elk Horse Stables Studios

MEPSA's 2015-2016 featured artist, Angelica Nelson, didn't waste a lot of time between collecting model horses and customizing them. She began collecting in 2004 and was customizing models the following year.

Realism, depth, personality and smooth finish are among the qualities that describe Angelica's work. She has a particular knack for roan colors and although her solid colored horses are wonderfully rendered, she is not limited to roans and shades of brown. Her custom and portrait work includes horses of every color, and she loves dapples.
Angelica's MEPSA donation - isn't he lucious!

Angelica's family embraces art, and two dimensional painting was already a passion when Angelica began customizing models. When it comes to models, she has a strong preference to working from real life references. It is, she feels, the best source of information if one wants to achieve realism in the model, and there is no substitute for understanding the horse, in every minute detail, when one strives for life-like art.

When not working on model horse commissions, Angelica can be found competing on the motocross track or in her custom Mustang car…much of the customization being her own work. She is generous when it comes to acknowledging the support of her parents and her boyfriend in all of her endeavors, and she is a pleasure to do business with; timely, conscientious, good at communicating, and genuinely interested in customer satisfaction.

Majestuoso Moonlit Dale and Night Heather

Pinto Ranch Mare
Angelica's website:
and Facebook page: Elk Horn Stables Studios
Traditional Scarlett Bacchus
Watch for Angelica's creation for MEPSA
this season. We are PROUD to name
Angelica as a MEPSA supporter.
Angelica's Mustang

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The mission of the Model Equine Photo Showers Association is to serve as an inclusive organization to promote photo showing in the model horse hobby.

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