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MEPSA Showcase Artist of the 2012/2013 Season

Joan Yount

Joan Yount
I am 58 years old (can't believe that, I feel 16!) and have been involved in real horses all my life. Of course, every Breyer ever made had at one time graced my bedroom shelves as a child. Like many of you, rubber bands, tiny jump rings from broken necklaces and anything that would fit became tack in those days. I didn't return to the hobby until about 8 years ago when the last kid left the nest, when I realized things really advanced in the model horse world!

My husband Tim and I reside on a humble little place, where our two real retired show horses manage our back yard. My beloved gelding, Zero, is now 27 and I've had him since birth; we've had Tim's horse Scout for 6 years and he is 17, just a "youngster"; both are registered Paints. We enjoy trail riding at our local state park, which is 20 minutes away with great bridle trails, or we'll saddle up and ride thru the farmland and roads here at home. We also have adopted cats and dogs with special needs. It's never dull here at the tiny ranchero, lol. Between the two of us, we have 17 grandchildren – no, it's NEVER dull here!

My hobbies (besides the horses and models) include swimming, hiking, biking (the pedal kind) and dancing, and I clog with a group that performs at gigs most of the spring, summer and fall. I like to sing rhythm and blues and attend many local bluegrass jams to dance or jump in and sing vocals. No time to get into trouble!

I work on the hobby full time, having quit my "real" job as semi-trailer inspector at a local factory. That gives me more time to spend on making quality dolls, painting horses and making tack, and looking after my 4-legged "kids" here at home. And as a perk, I sometimes do my lunch break at the local game preserve (this one is less than 5 minutes from my back door!), fishing in one of the many bass ponds or taking a long bike ride thru the country. Then I resume my love of making dolls, painting and making tack and a few props. Hmmm, how many models do I have? Hard to say, I like to show some, then sell them and buy new ones to paint and show. Let's just say, right now I have three bookshelves full of them.

I love to photo show, not finding the time with all the animals to actually leave my home very often for very long for live shows. So MEPSA fills ALL my showing needs, and the people are terrific – judging these shows is really a cool batch of eye candy, and I encourage readers of this book to give it a try. Lord willing, I plan to stay in the hobby and any talents or abilities I have are God-given, and He deserves all credits! You can see some of my work on my website,

Joan Yount   Joan Yount
Joan Yount
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The mission of the Model Equine Photo Showers Association is to serve as an inclusive organization to promote photo showing in the model horse hobby.

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