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MEPSA Past Contest Entries - 2017/2018 Season

Taking Making
Traditional Western Bridle
by Jennifer Buxton

Stablemate Western set- black saddle blanket w/ leather
by Bethany Shaw

Camel Halter
by Christine Lewis

Stablemate Western set- bright blue saddle blanket
by Kayla Lovejoy

Classic Western set
by Kitty Grubka

Traditional English Bridle
by Kristian Beverly

Tack/Prop Making
Stablemate scale cross country jump.
by Kitty Grubka
2018 Tack Making Contest

Stablemate or larger scale water hazard.
by Wild Wind Tack and Props
Christine Lewis
2018 Tack Making Contest

Traditional scale set of plant pots.
by Laurel Dedes
2018 Tack Making Contest

Custom Stablemate
Buckskin Tobiano THW
by Shana Bobbitt

Standing Drafter in Dappled Grey
by Kayla Lovejoy

Cantering Appaloosa Sporthorse
by Christy Allen

Decorator Cantering Warmblood
by Elizabeth Jones

Bay Warmblood or TB with altered head, braided mane & new tail
by Bethany Shaw

Appaloosa Sporthorse to extended blanket
by Corina Roberts

Red Dun Stock Horse
by Corina Roberts

Black Silver Lying Horse
by Elizabeth Jones

Bay Sabino Arabian with custom mane & tail
by Lisa Shepard

Decorator Cantering Warmblood in blue
by Carissa Kirksey

The MEPSA Mission Statement:

The mission of the Model Equine Photo Showers Association is to serve as an inclusive organization to promote photo showing in the model horse hobby.

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