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The 2017/2018 MEPSA International Championship Show
Date: June 23, 2018

*** NEW THIS YEAR! ***
We have a list of available prizes! Click Here to see the available list and create a wish list to send in with your entry.

*** The Lists of Qualifers can be found HERE ***

Click here for the Entry Form in PDF or RTF document.

The 2018 Championship Show is open to all horses which have placed first, second or third in any MEPSA show from August 2017 to May 2018. NEW FOR THIS YEAR: any horse that placed fourth, fifth or sixth in any class with over 100 entries is also eligible for the Championship Show. This includes regular qualifiers and specialty shows. The same rules apply for the Novice Division; if you have a first, second or third place horse it is eligible to show in the Novice Division of the Championships (Note: no critiques will be given to Championship Show entries).

2017/2018 Championship Show Judges:
Div A - OF Plastic: Kristen Lewis
Div B - OF China: Alyssa Bailey
Div C - Artist Resin: Carolyn Bailey
Div D - Customs: Cory Hartung
Div E - OF Performance: Lauren Skillern
Div F - AR/CM Performance: Jeni Lambert
Div G, H & I - Minis: Suzanne Feld
Novice: Traci Durrell-Khalife


The halter sections of the Mini Division will have the same class numbers and classes as the normal Open Division.  They will be combined into Division G - OF Plastic/China and Division H - AR/CM.  The Mini Division Performance (Division I) will be combined OF/CM and have a modified class list (see the Entry Form for details).

Horses which have placed in a halter class are eligible to enter all halter classes. Horses which have placed in a performance class are eligible only for the specific class or classes in which they have placed. The same class list is used for the Championship Show as for all of the qualifiers. There is no need to re-label your qualified horses.

In Performance, models who qualify more than the limit of 3 in a multiple entry class may enter all photos qualified, as long as they are of different disciplines. (i.e. 4 or more different English Games, Other Stock Work (team penning, working cow horse, team roping, western working, etc), multiple costume entries in Other Costume, etc.

You may use existing photos of your horse, or you may submit new photos for the Championship Show. You are not restricted to using the actual qualified photo of the horse.
Digital Camera Users: No photographic altering is allowed. Photos may be cropped and slight color corrections can be made for the printing process. You may not alter the horse in any way.
MEPSA has a master list of all the qualified horses in each division. It is the owner's responsibility to keep track of their qualified horses. You will not receive a list of your qualified horses from MEPSA. The horses you send will be checked against the master list for accuracy. The show coordinator will contact you if there are any discrepancies, so please be sure she has a valid email address for you, or in the event you do not have email, a telephone number where you can be reached. If you know about a discrepancy already, please either contact our Tabulator or put a note in your entry for the Show Coordinator

The fee schedule and all details regarding prizes and the championship show book are listed on the entry form. Please print, fill out and send the entry form with your qualified horses to the Show Coordinator.

Preparing Your Entries
Unlike the monthly shows, all qualified horses will be going to one show coordinator who will then re-sort them and send them on to individual judges for each division. Entries must be received as follows:

1) Separated by division in individual baggies with the entrants' name, the division, and the number of photos enclosed (example: Susie Jones, Division A, 49 photos).
2) Entries must be in alphabetical order by horse name. This is a change from previous years. Performance horses are still sorted first by class, then alphabetically.
3) The back of each photo should have your horse's information, your five letter name code, your name and mailing address, the show division and classes marked.

Please make sure your class numbers are correct and legible.

All of your entries, in their division baggies, will be mailed to the Show Coordinator named on the entry form.

Please Note: There will be eight different judges in different locations. If you are using the same photo for a halter and a liberty class (which you shouldn't be) it will not be judged in both of those classes. You must have separate photos, even if they are identical.

Prizes, Donations
The application asks if you want certain prizes, and offers a space for “Other”; feel free to let us know what you like, for instance, classic scale model bodies for customizing, or equally important, what you don’t want.  That does not mean we will have a prize to match your preference; it does mean we will try to find prizes that are a good match for participants whenever possible.

MEPSA provides high quality cloth (satin) rosettes to the Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion horses, as well as cloth (satin) ribbons to Champions, Reserves and the remaining Top Ten. In addition, we make every effort to insure that all entrants receive at least one door prize or drawing prize. These prizes are donated by MEPSA members as well as others in the model horse hobby. Donors receive free full color advertising in the champ show book as well as acknowledgment. Donations may be sent with entries.

Donations are a vital part of the success of the Championship Show. If you would like to make a donation, here are some ideas; models (any size, original finish or custom, perfect or imperfect), companion animals, tack, props, rider dolls, customizing services, photo services…basically, anything you would enjoy receiving is probably something that others would also enjoy. Donations may be used as either prizes or fund raisers. Click Here to go to our Donations page.

MEPSA also accepts monetary donations, which can be made via check, money order, or through our Paypal account. These help offset the costs of mailing prizes, printing the Championship Show book (now in full color) and purchasing ribbons and rosettes.

If you have any questions, please contact any of the Officers listed on the Officer page, or our Championship Show Coordinator.

example of prizes awarded from 2011/2012 season
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The mission of the Model Equine Photo Showers Association is to serve as an inclusive organization to promote photo showing in the model horse hobby.

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