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MEPSA is looking for articles for the next Writing Contest

The deadline to enter is January 15, 2017. Send your article to Elizabeth Jones,

We need both longer and shorter articles. 1000-3000 words is the length to shoot for.

Text should be formatted in Microsoft Word (.doc) or .rtf or .txt. Name your text file using your last name (e.g. jones.doc). Do not embed images in your article. Send the illustrations for your article as separate .jpg files (no more than 2mb each), named using your last name and the figure number (e.g. "jonesfig1.jpg"). Illustrations must be original or used by permission from the source. Provide a source for each illustration as they will be listed in the figure captions (e.g. photo by Corina Roberts). Illustrations are an essential part of almost any article. You may include a short byline describing yourself/credentials/place in the hobby.

Choose a subject related to model horses in which you are knowledgeable. Here are some examples that would be topics of interest:
- Performance-the tack, rules, setting, etc. illustrated with photos of real horses/tack and/or model horses.
- Customizing – how to … (paint, resculpt, do hooves, braid a mane, etc.)
- How to make tack – a halter, bridle, saddle, costume …
- How to make props
- Breeds (e.g. "Tiger Horse", "exotics") – with real horse illustrations. If you breed, keep or train horses, speak from your experience and illustrate with your horses! What model horses best represent your breed? Why?
- Photography – share your special tips on model horse photography with our readers!
- Model horse manufacturers: a history of Hagen Renacker or Breyer or artist resins …
- Fiction/poetry – We are willing to accept these submissions. Of course they should be horse related. We will not be printing more than one "creative work" in the Champ book. Others may appear in the club newsletter.
- Other similar subjects of interest to photo model horse showers. To see an example of a MEPSA Championship book, go to, search for MEPSA and look at a preview.

The prize for the contest winner is this mini AR painted by Lisa Shepard.
2017 writing contest

Congratulations to the Winner of the Tack Contest, Kim Jacobs with her Historical India Elephant Disguise Costume!
2016 Tack Contest Winner

-Prize, main prize- Doll by Anne Field
2016 Tack Contest prize

The 2015-16 Championship Show is in the Books!
All divisions were judged quickly this year and most entrants have already received their packages full of show loot. Below are some pics that they have posting on Facebook and Yahoo. The Book is available to order through Lulu and the Grand Champion pictures will be uploaded to the Gallery soon. If you purchased the eBook version and would like a copy of the covers, you can download them in pdf. Click here for the front cover and click here for the back cover.
2016 prizes
Picture by Allison Malone
2016 prizes
Picture by Katrina James
2016 prizes
Picture by Corina Roberts
2016 prizes
Picture by Melissa Mathews
2016 prizes
Picture by Shana Bobbitt
2016 prizes
Picture by Tia Ossenkop
2016 prizes
Picture by Terry Boaz
2016 prizes
Picture by Anne Field
2016 prizes
Picture by Charlotte Martin
2016 prizes
Picture by Renee Jordan

To see more pictures, visit the Unofficial MEPSA Facebook page.

Versatility Award Challenge!
For this year we have the new Versatility award. Laurel Dedes created this award and is sponsoring it as well. The prize is either a traditional sized Breyer from Breyerfest 2016 or a Stone horse or like value (Laurel's choice). What a GREAT prize! To participate all you need to do is have one horse that qualifies (1st, 2nd or 3rd) at a qualifier show in halter AND at least two performance champions or reserves under at least two different judges. Only the current 2015/2016 show season counts.

And the winner is ... ANNE FIELD AND BOOTLEGGER!

Anne wins a 2016 BreyerFest Special Run "Sheila"

Start planning your entries for next season as Laurel will be hosting this award once more. There are just a few changes to the qualifications.
"There will be some changes: I intend to drop the Halter qualification, but require at least two Championships or Reserves including two in different sections of performance. Yes, so get out some harness, some costumes, your reference materials, and your imagination... I'm also thinking of separating this into a mini division and an open division, with a BF SR SM awarded to a mini division winner. But I'm not sure yet- stay tuned to MEPSA for details."

Contact Laurel for more information at

New Show Season Dates are Posted Along with a revised Class List!
The Show Dates for the 2016/17 season have been posted Here!

Also, we made some minor revisions to the Class List for OF Manufacturers and Other Performance. Check out Classes 55, 56, 60, 61, 62 for clarification on wording for these classes and 112 for a split in the Costume class.

Make sure to double check your entries against the Current Breyer List which can be found Here.

2016 HOTY Winners!
Div A
Division A
"Little Biscuit" o/b Corina Roberts
Division B
Division B
"Peerless" o/b Elizabeth LaRose
Division C
Division C
"Mercedes" o/b Elizabeth LaRose
Division D
Division D
"Sky Hurricane" o/b Ardith Carlton
Division E
Division E
"Autumn Rein" o/b Carolyn Bailey
Division F
Division F
"Bootlegger" o/b Anne Field
Futurity Foal
"Ragun Cajun" o/b Jennifer Buxton

Consider Joining the Board!
We currently have 1 vacant position available on the board.
- Donations Coordinator

If you would be interested in running for either of these positions or would like more information, please fill out the application and submit it to Anne Field (VP).

Congratulation to the Winner of the Stablemate Custom Contest - Carissa Kirksey with her Andalusian cobra mare!
Stablemate Contest

- Prize is this HA Shetland Pony resin!
Mini HA Shetland
To see all of our entries, Click Here!
Congratulations to the Winner of our Writing Contest, Anne Field!
The winner was selected by: Jeanne Grunert
Lifestyle & Marketing Writer
Book Author | Content Marketer | Freelance Writer

"Once again we had some fabulous entries. I really enjoyed reading them all! This year's contest was difficult to judge because there were so many wonderful entries. My "short" list contained six entries, and deciding among them was really tough. But in the end...I chose the following:

1st place: Calf Roping by Anne Field!
2nd place: Photography in Snow by Corina Roberts
3rd place:  Interview with Sue Sifton by Corina Roberts

Honorable Mentions: Building an Armature by Carissa Kirksey and Show Jumping by Traci Durrell-Khalife

Thank you again for a most enjoyable contest to judge!"

You can look forward to seeing these articles and more in the 2016 MEPSA champ show book!

Congratulations Anne! And thank you to everyone who submitted an entry to the writing contest!

And a huge thank you to Jeanne for judging!

Anne's prize is this Sandicast stock horse painted by Meghann Hoscheid Lorei
Sandicast painted by Meghann Hoscheid Lorei

The MEPSA Mission Statement:

The mission of the Model Equine Photo Showers Association is to serve as an inclusive organization to promote photo showing in the model horse hobby.

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