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MEPSA is looking for entries for the PROP CONTEST
due August 31, 2014
Prop (any scale) (including modified OF dolls with before & after pictures)
- deadline August 31st 2014
-Prize, customized WPH into a mule! by Cassie Black or unfinished resin tied goat from Seunta. Choice of prizes pictured here.

MEPSA Prop making contest -> photos of prizes! yahoogroup= mepsa-list blog=

DUE AUGUST 31st, 2014 MEPSA is holding a model horse prop making contest as a MEPSA Benefit. This contest is open to ALL. Winner will be decided by popular vote. Voting will be open to ALL. One person = one vote.

All entries will be posted on the Model Equine blog, where voting will occur. This is a great way to get your work shown to a potentially huge audience, win a great award and help MEPSA put on a terrific Championship show.

Contest Rules:
1) All props must be put together by the entrant, but it may consist of purchased parts, or parts by another artist, with acknowledgment. Of course, the entire prop may also be completely handmade by the entrant. The prop entry may be previously made, or made especially for this contest.

2) Prop maker may enter any type prop (Game prop, Jump, Backdrop, Trail, doll., modified OF doll, etc) in any scale, and the prop may be anything, ranging from a pair of potted plants to a complete Traditional jump set-up.

3) All finished props may have a clear digital or scanned photo sent in to MEPSA- Laurel Dedes- MEPSA may be able to do the photographs for you if needed, when we get the entry, please inquire. Your entry will be judged on the basis of the photo, so a good photo set-up can help your entry win.

4) ALL entered props become property of MEPSA to raise funds or use as Championship show awards. This is a MEPSA Benefit contest. Prop maker must send the finished prop/s to MEPSA upon completion- Carolyn Bailey, Bartlett, IL. - at their own expense. There is no other fee to enter.

5) Entries are accepted on the condition that the entrant take all reasonable action to preserve their anonymity until the end of the voting. Publication of the contest as a whole is encouraged, but all entrants are prohibited from using any mailing lists, social media or other mass communication methods to identify the artist associated with any entry before or during voting. Any entrant found to be violating the spirit of keeping artists unnamed during the active contest, or asking others to do so for them, risks disqualification. MEPSA is aware that family or friends may know, but they should be requested to also keep the spirit of the contest, and preserve the anonymity of the entrant(s).

6) The winner of the contest will be awarded their choice of a customized model or an unfinished AR tied goat from Seunta. ( All non-winner entrants are put into a 2nd chance drawing during the Championship show for a nice prize.

7) The contest will be publicized on the Internet and in model horse groups. Please help spread the word!

8) Deadline for producing your prop and entering it is August 31st, 2014. Voting will take place at the beginning to the middle of September.

9) MEPSA appreciates an intent to enter statement as soon as you determine that you will enter, sent to Laurel Dedes- This is not binding, but will give us an idea how many entries to expect. Thank you!

Photo of goat used by permission from

Mule prize goat prize

Board Positions Available!
Elections will be held at the end of July. We are in need of a new Donations Coordinator. This is a very important position that has been held by our wonderful LAUREL DEDES! Laurel stayed on last year because no one volunteered to take her place. It is really not fair for us to keep relying on Laurel especially when she needs to focus on other things. We hope she will return to the board in the future.

Laurel has created a wonderful means of bringing in donations by holding contests. I know for me, the contests have consistently inspired me to create and donate items (props, customized models, and tack) to MEPSA. In addition to holding the contests, Laurel has set up the means to vote for our favorites and sell some of the more valuable items to raise funds. The funds and prizes that result from the activities of the Donations Coordinator help us to provide wonderful prize packages for champ show participants, as well as rewards for all those who contribute so much to making MEPSA a success, such as judges and board members. Yes there IS someone behind the curtain (quite a few someones actually) that put lots of time and effort into making all this happen.

MEPSA BOD also needs a secretary. Linda has been trying to hold down two positions, but that is not fair. Please consider joining the board! It is fun and does not require a huge amount of work. And you will get a free champ show book! Please contact Linda Ransom (secretary, if you would like to run for a board position.

Prepaid Show Coupons Available!
Nervous about sending cash through the mail? For your convenience, you can now send one check or Paypal payment to Robin Nere (esteemed treasurer) and receive coupons for show entry! Cash equivalent Coupons will be available in $2 and $5 denominations (combine 2 for a $4 entry). You may receive your coupons electronically or by mail. Each will have a serial number so they can only be used one time. Simply enclose the value needed in place of cash or check in your entry. For example: for 100 halter photos, enclose two $2 coupons. No more cash in the mail, no more check fees – entering shows just got easier!

Our Paypal address is: PLEASE remember to select the Personal Payment option.

2014 HOTY Winners!
Div A
Division A
"Celtic Guardian" o/b Laura Keefer
Division B
Division B
"Rafia" o/b Kay Myers
Division C
Division C
"Bootlegger" o/b Anne Field
Division D
Division D
"Frank" o/b Allison Malone
Division E
Division E
"Vincent Can Go" o/b Robin Nere
Division F
Division F
"Jess Harper" o/b Gayle Goodling
Futurity Foal
"Everlasting Heritage" o/b Betty Hook

Congratulations to the Winner of our 2014 Tack Contest, Kristen Williams, with her SM scale complete parade set!
Tack Contest

The 2014/2015 Show Schedule has been announced!

Click Here to check it out!

Congratulations to the Winner of our 2014 Stablemate Custom Contest, Cassie Black, with her reverse dapple roan G2 Stock Horse!
Stablemate Custom Contest Winner

Cassie's prize was an unpainted Merlin resin for her winning entry.
Merlin resin

Congratulations to the Winner of our 2013 Writing Contest, Corina Roberts!

Be sure to check out the 2013-2014 MEPSA Championship Book to read her winning arcticle.

Here is a sample of the performance pictures that was awarded to the winner:
Writing Contest Prize
(tack and doll not included; winner will receive model and performance photos)

NOTE: Corina has graciously donated the model and the photos back to MEPSA.

The 2013/2014 Contest Schedule is now Up!

Get your entries ready; this is going to be a fantastic show season!

Click Here to view all of the available Contests.

Congratulations to the Winner of our 2013 Costume Contest, Kim Jacobs, with her Buz-Kasha Costume!

Costume Contest Winner

Congratulations to the winner of our 2013 Prop Contest, Kristen Williams, with her Stablemate hunter/jumper set!
Prop Contest Winner

The "road prop" by Kristian Beverly was a close 2nd.
Prop Contest

2013 HOTY Winners!
Div A
Division A
"Scirocco" o/b Jennifer Floyd
Division B
Division B
"Bjorn" o/b Kathy Dodson
Division C
Division C
"Sacagawea" o/b Betty Hook
Division D
Division D
"Frank" o/b Allison Malone
Division E
Division E
"Maquara" o/b Kim Jacobs
Division F
Division F
"Rap's Silver Fox" o/b Gayle Goodling
Futurity Foal
"Everlasting Heritage" o/b Betty Hook

Congratulations to the Winner of the 2013 Stablemate/Chips Scale Customization Contest, Yvonne Stevens with her pinto sporthorse mini resin.
Stablemate Contest Winner

Congratulations to the Winner of our 2013 Tack Making Contest, Lindy Pinkham with her Circus Set!
Tack Contest

Congratulations to the Winner of our 2012 Writing Contest, Anne Field on her "how to" article on "in hand" showing and Thank You to our Judge!
We received 13 entries and they were sent to our judge, Jeanne Grunnert of EquineArt Creations without the authors' names.

Our Traditional Scale CM Contest was a huge success!

Congratulations to Stephanie Hicks of Plucky Pony Ranch with her overo Gilen/Heartbreaker Foal.
Contest #1 Winning Entry
The MEPSA body box has been a success. We have many very nice bodies available! Now, we need artists willing to finish one for MEPSA. We can even provide postage back and forth if needed. We may be able to do the prep work before sending the body to you. We have no restrictions on how you choose to finish the piece. Simple customs are fine, as is more complex work. Colors are wide open- even decorators. All we ask is that your work be proven quality, and you can get it back to us in a stated time frame. Please contact Laurel at with requests for a body, a list of available bodies or general questions.

Donation by Joan Yount
2012 Donation by Joan Yount


G1 Arabian Stallion
G1 Arabian Mare
G1 Citation (3)
G1 Laying Down Foal
G1 Morgan Mare
G1 QH stallion
G1 Native Dancer (2)
G1 Silky Sullivan (2)
G1 Swaps (2)
G1 Thoroughbred Mare
G2 Appaloosa/Stock (unpainted/prep)
G2 Galloping Drafter (3)
G2 Morgan (4)
G2 Mule
G2 Paso Fino (unpainted/prepped)
G2 Rearing Arabian (3)
G2 Rearing Arabian (partially painted may need stripping)
G2 Cantering Foal
G2 Scrambling Foal
G2 Scratching foal
G2 Shetland
G2 Thoroughbred (5)
G2 Warmblood (4)
G3 Friesian
G3 Rearing Andalusian (3)
G3 Standing Thoroughbred (2)
G3 WB Jumper (no stand)
Grey halfinger? Welsh? G4? Rear leg cracked

Stock horse
Schleich Drafter
Schleich Warmblood (Littlebit size)
Shleich Shire gelding
Schleich Draft gelding
Schleich Appaloosa foal

Andalusian Foal
Andalusian Mare
Andalusian Stallion (2)
Arabian Foal (tail missing)
Black Beauty (2)
Keen (2)
Might Tango
Mustang Foal
Western Pony (needs sticky paint stripped)

Action Stock Horse Foal (2)
Andalusian (rear leg broken; piece missing)
Black Beauty (old mold; rear leg broken)
Jumper with wall-tail removed
Family Arabian Mare (2)
Justin Morgan (3)
Oldenburg (tail broken)
Lady Phase
Man O War (old mold)
Phar Lap (2)
Proud Arabian Foal
Proud Arabian Mare
Proud Arabian Stallion
San Domino (broken rear leg)
Running Foal
Running Stallion (front leg broken)
Shetland Pony (4)
Stock Horse Mare
Stud Spider

Unknown Morgan/Pony type Stallion (3 broken legs)
The MEPSA Mission Statement:

The mission of the Model Equine Photo Showers Association is to serve as an inclusive organization to promote photo showing in the model horse hobby.

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