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The Number of Qualifiers per class has been Increased!
Due to the large quantity of horses being entered, the Board has decided to increase the number of qualifiers from 3 to 6 for classes that have over 100 entries. This is primarily for Division A Gender and Manufacturer classes since those can be huge.

The 2014-15 Championship Show is in the Books!
All divisions were judged quickly this year and entrants are already receiving their packages full of show loot. Below are some pics that they have posting on Facebook. The Book is available to order through Lulu and the Grand Champion pictures will be uploaded to the Gallery soon.
2015 prizes
Picture by Linda Marie Ransom
2015 prizes
Picture by Charlotte D. Martin
2015 prizes
Picture by Allison Malone
2015 prizes
Picture by Randa Garrett
2015 prizes
Picture by Elizabeth Jones
Picture by Jennifer Christiansen Sneed

To see more pictures, visit the Unofficial MEPSA Facebook page.

2015 HOTY Winners!
Div A
Division A
"Zips Even Tide" o/b Laura Keefer
Division B
Division B
"Rafia" o/b Kay Myers
Division C
Division C
"Truffle" o/b ELLAR
Division D
Division D
"Change Getter" o/b ARCAR
Division E
Division E
"Lucille" o/b Kim Jacobs
Division F
Division F
"Bootlegger" o/b Anne Field
Futurity Foal
"Shy Cedar" o/b Laurel Dedes

The deadline for the Tack Contest has been Extended to September 15, 2015!
Various types of tack desired, for all sizes of models, micro-mini through large traditional (includes modified OF tack with before & after photos). These could be saddle sets of all persuasions, rigging, costumes, stud tack, etc. Winners will chosen from a poll on MEPSA'S blog that will be advertised on MH$P and ModelHorseBlab.
-Prize, main prize- Doll by Anne Field, with the right to substitute a smaller prize, should we not receive at least 1 saddle entry set, or at least 8 items valued at $30.00 each, should we receive entries above and beyond this rate, we *may* offer a second prize.

New Class List for the 2015-16 Season!
There is a new class list posted for the the 2015-16 season. Changes have been made to the OF Manufacturer division with regards to the Stone classes. Also, more breed definitions were added to help you put your model in the best class. Click Here!

Get ready for the Next Contest - Holiday Custom Contest!
Deadline - August 15, 2015
Create a holiday themed model, tack, or props (sky's the limit here, as long as it has a holiday theme such as but not limited to Valentine's, St. Patrick's, Halloween, Fourth of July, etc.) Winners will chosen from a poll on MEPSA'S blog that will be advertised on MH$P and ModelHorseBlab
-Prize, CM SM by Shawn McNeely and painted by Donna Lorello of Sunshine's Creative Endeavors in your choice of color, even patterns!

Congratulations to the winner of our 2015 Stablemate Custom Contest, Lynnette Sayers with her dapple grey bowing custom!
2015 Contest Winner

Lynette's prize was this Mini Crusader!
Mini Crusader

Championship Show Judges Have Been Announced!
Here is your judging roster for the 2015 Championship Show:

Division A - Cheryl Monroe
Division B - Laurel Dedes
Division C - Kay Myers
Division D - Tonjia Clark
Division E - Anne Field
Division F - Jennifer Buxton
Mini - Jennifer Tomey
Novice - Elizabeth Jones

Check the Championship Show page for updated Entry Form and as a thank you to our supporters, we have lowered the entry fees this year!

2015/2016 Show Season has been announced!
Click Here to view next season's Show Dates. We are currently filling the judging slots. Please consider judging. Just be sure to fill out a Judge's Application and send it to our Judge Coordinator.

Championship Date Has Been Announced!
Entries for the Championship Show are June 20, 2015.

Check the Championship Show page for updated Entry Form and as a thank you to our supporters, we have lowered the entry fees this year!

Congratulations and thank you to all of the entrants of our Writing Contest!
The winner was Traci Durrell and runner up was Ardith Carlton. We cannot wait to read these articles and many more in the Championship Show Book which will be published at the end of the summer. Traci's prize was a customized PAM by Joan Yount.

And a huge thank you to our judge, Jeanne Grunert!

Congratulations and thank you to our Adios Makeover Contest entrants!
Voting is complete. You can find the results here.

Congratulations to the winner of our 2014 Prop Contest, Elizabeth Jones, with her set of Stablemate scale hunter jumps!
2014 Prop Contest

2014 Prop Contest

2014 Prop Contest

2014 HOTY Winners!
Div A
Division A
"Celtic Guardian" o/b Laura Keefer
Division B
Division B
"Rafia" o/b Kay Myers
Division C
Division C
"Bootlegger" o/b Anne Field
Division D
Division D
"Frank" o/b Allison Malone
Division E
Division E
"Vincent Can Go" o/b Robin Nere
Division F
Division F
"Jess Harper" o/b Gayle Goodling
Futurity Foal
"Everlasting Heritage" o/b Betty Hook

Congratulations to the Winner of our 2014 Tack Contest, Kristen Williams, with her SM scale complete parade set!
Tack Contest

The MEPSA body box has been a success. We have many very nice bodies available! Now, we need artists willing to finish one for MEPSA. We can even provide postage back and forth if needed. We may be able to do the prep work before sending the body to you. We have no restrictions on how you choose to finish the piece. Simple customs are fine, as is more complex work. Colors are wide open- even decorators. All we ask is that your work be proven quality, and you can get it back to us in a stated time frame. Please contact Laurel at with requests for a body, a list of available bodies or general questions.

Donation by Joan Yount
2012 Donation by Joan Yount


G1 Arabian Stallion
G1 Arabian Mare
G1 Citation (3)
G1 Laying Down Foal
G1 Morgan Mare
G1 QH stallion
G1 Native Dancer (2)
G1 Silky Sullivan (2)
G1 Swaps (2)
G1 Thoroughbred Mare
G2 Appaloosa/Stock (unpainted/prep)
G2 Galloping Drafter (3)
G2 Morgan (4)
G2 Mule
G2 Paso Fino (unpainted/prepped)
G2 Rearing Arabian (3)
G2 Rearing Arabian (partially painted may need stripping)
G2 Cantering Foal
G2 Scrambling Foal
G2 Scratching foal
G2 Shetland
G2 Thoroughbred (5)
G2 Warmblood (4)
G3 Friesian
G3 Rearing Andalusian (3)
G3 Standing Thoroughbred (2)
G3 WB Jumper (no stand)
Grey halfinger? Welsh? G4? Rear leg cracked

Stock horse
Schleich Drafter
Schleich Warmblood (Littlebit size)
Shleich Shire gelding
Schleich Draft gelding
Schleich Appaloosa foal

Andalusian Foal
Andalusian Mare
Andalusian Stallion (2)
Arabian Foal (tail missing)
Black Beauty (2)
Keen (2)
Might Tango
Mustang Foal
Western Pony (needs sticky paint stripped)

Action Stock Horse Foal (2)
Andalusian (rear leg broken; piece missing)
Black Beauty (old mold; rear leg broken)
Jumper with wall-tail removed
Family Arabian Mare (2)
Justin Morgan (3)
Oldenburg (tail broken)
Lady Phase
Man O War (old mold)
Phar Lap (2)
Proud Arabian Foal
Proud Arabian Mare
Proud Arabian Stallion
San Domino (broken rear leg)
Running Foal
Running Stallion (front leg broken)
Shetland Pony (4)
Stock Horse Mare
Stud Spider

Unknown Morgan/Pony type Stallion (3 broken legs)
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The mission of the Model Equine Photo Showers Association is to serve as an inclusive organization to promote photo showing in the model horse hobby.

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