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Join the MEPSA Yahoo Group!   Join the MEPSA Yahoo Group
Follow the MEPSA Blog   Follow the MEPSA Blog
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Buy MEPSA Championship Books   Buy MEPSA Championship Books
MEPSA Contests


Here is our contest schedule for this season! MEPSA reserves the right to be somewhat flexible, and to substitute prizes for something of equal or greater value if necessary. We may, in fact, offer a choice of the prize named here, or an alternative, as we get closer to each contest date. We may offer two divisions of any contest with enough entries, and a second smaller prize!

Writing contest
Deadline: January 15, 2018
Submission: e-mail your article to Elizabeth Jones,
Length: We need both longer and shorter articles. 1000-3000 words is the length to shoot for.
Format: Text should be formatted in Microsoft Word (.doc) or .rtf or .txt. Name your text file using your last name (e.g. jones.doc). Do not embed images in your article. Send the illustrations for your article as separate .jpg files (no more than 2mb each), named using your last name and the figure number (e.g. "jonesfig1.jpg"). Illustrations must be original or used by permission from the source. Provide a source for each illustration as they will be listed in the figure captions (e.g. photo by Corina Roberts). Illustrations are an essential part of almost any article. You may include a short byline describing yourself/credentials/place in the hobby.
Subjects: Choose a subject related to model horses in which you are knowledgeable. Here are some examples that would be topics of interest:
- Performance-the tack, rules, setting, etc. illustrated with photos of real horses/tack and/or model horses.
- Customizing – how to … (paint, resculpt, do hooves, braid a mane, etc.)
- How to make tack – a halter, bridle, saddle, costume …
- How to make props
- Breeds (e.g. "Tiger Horse", "exotics") – with real horse illustrations. If you breed, keep or train horses, speak from your experience and illustrate with your horses! What model horses best represent your breed? Why?
- Photography – share your special tips on model horse photography with our readers!
- Model horse manufacturers: a history of Hagen Renacker or Breyer or artist resins …
- Fiction/poetry – We are willing to accept these submissions. Of course they should be horse related. We will not be printing more than one "creative work" in the Champ book. Others may appear in the club newsletter.
- Other similar subjects of interest to photo model horse showers. To see an example MEPSA Championship book, go to, search for MEPSA, and look at a preview.
Prize for the contest winner: TBD

And - the next remake contest!! Due February 15, 2018 …
The Breyer Clydesdale mare (or you may substitute the Breyer Shire mare) remade any way you like!

As usual, please email a board member with any questions.

To see previous contest entries and winners, Click Here!

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The mission of the Model Equine Photo Showers Association is to serve as an inclusive organization to promote photo showing in the model horse hobby.

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