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Follow the MEPSA Blog   Follow the MEPSA Blog
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Contact Marie Phillips with questions or comments.

The MEPSA Novice Photo Show Series provides newcomers with an opportunity to learn how to improve their photo show entries by using direct feedback. Entrants will be given individual private critiques on EVERY photo they enter, thus allowing them to see exactly what they can improve on. Photos will also be judged against one another (just like a regular photo show) and full results will be given to all entrants.

Some rules to remember:
Showers CANNOT enter Novice shows and OPEN shows at the same time. There is a maximum of 2 years allowed in Novice for showers over 16. Age 16 and under, the maximum is 3 years. Graduating from Novice will occur prior to the maximum allowed time, when the majority of judges recommend moving up to Open. A shower may elect to move on to Open on their own at any time. It is recommed that a shower take advantge of the Novice shows and enter as many as possible. Novice Division is desgned to help you improve your photography, but the judge can also help you with other details, such as breed assignment, labeling your photo back, etc.

Novice showers may move up to the Open division, which also includes all Specialty shows, at any time. However, if they choose to do this, they CANNOT enter any further Novice shows and must forfeit all qualifications in the Novice Division. Once moved to Open, they cannot show in the Novice Division. All photography must be done by the entrant, no professional photography allowed. All Original Finish Plastic or China (OF), Custom (CM) and Artist Resin (AR) horses welcome.

FEES AND RULES: $2.00 per show. PLEASE make check/MO out to the judge, not MEPSA!
Entrants may not enter more than 15 photos per show! All photos will be individually critiqued by the photo show judge and entrants will be given constructive criticism on how to improve their entries. Horses that place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in any halter class in this series ARE eligible for the MEPSA Novice Halter Championship division and, in Peformance, any horse placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd are eligible for the Championship Novice Performance division in the class they place in only!! The show format changes every other month. Shows in ODD months are halter shows and shows in EVEN months are performance shows.

STANDARD PHOTO SIZES ONLY - Show photos should be of uniform size. 4x6 photos are preferred, but 4x5.25 and 3x5 are also allowed. Any other size may be disqualified by the judge.

Entrants may enter one photo per horse in Halter.  Enter each photo in one gender class and one breed class.  Example:  An Arabian Stallion photo would be entered in classes 1, 5, while a Clydesdale gelding would be entered in 3, 8.  You do not need separate photos for both sections.
In Performance, it is one photo per horse per class in classes 13, 14, 18, 19.  The remainder may have multiple photos of the horse as long as they are of different disciplines, i.e. Roping and Cutting in Western Stock Class or Arabian and Native American in Costumes.
 Duplicate entries will be DQ’d.

The information needed on your photo back:
Name of your horse, Breed of your horse, gender of your horse
Optional: horse's color, model (this is either on a label, or written in ink -DON'T use a Sharpie or any marker type pen- on your photo back)

Class or classes entered. In Halter, this will be two classes, one for gender and one for breed type. In performance, this will be only one class, and it helps to explain what your horse is doing. (this is usually put on a label in pencil, or in pencil on scotch tape. Pencil is used so you can erase and remark the class numbers).

Your full name, your street address, city, state, zip code, email address (Lots of people use an address label for this information, but you may write it in pen. Be sure it's readable! Bigger is better.)
Here's an example of a photo back:

Most showers put their photos in a ziploc bag to keep them clean, dry and together. You don't have to do this, but it is common.

Don't forget your entry fee, to make sure your name and address is on EVERY photo back, that your classes are marked on every photo back, and that you have enclosed that very important SASE! What is an SASE? It's an envelope you have addressed to yourself, with that show's judge's address as the return, that is LARGE enough to fit all your photos and results if needed, and is PRE-STAMPED with enough postage to mail home all your photos and results, unless you get your results by email. This is very important, because otherwise, the judge can not return your photos to you! You need to put at least the same amount of stamps on the return envelope as it takes to send your package to the judge. A lot of veteran showers will put an extra stamp in their photo bag with their name written on the back of the stamp in ink (just in case).

Shows will run the third Saturday of every month.

HALTER SERIES (run in September, November, January, March, May - Championship Show)
Halter - Gender
1. Stallion
2. Mare
3. Gelding
4. Foal
Halter - Breed
5. Arabians/Morgans (pure & part-bred)
6. Sport Horse (TB, WB, STB, pure & part-bred)
7. Stock (pure & part-bred)
8. Draft (pure & part-bred)
9. Pony (pure & part-bred
10. Gaited/Spanish (pure & part-bred)
11. Other Breed (pure & part-bred)
12. Mules/Donkeys/Other Exotic

PERFORMANCE SERIES (run in August, October, December, February, April - Championship Show)
Performance - Western
13. Western Pleasure
14. Western Trail (obstacle required)
15. Western Games (barrel, pole or prop required)
16. Western Stock Class (cow/cows required)
17. Other Western (must state what event)
Performance - English/Other
18. Huntseat Pleasure
19. Dressage (show marker)
20. Hunter/Jumper (jump or obstacle required)
21. Harness
22. Costume
23. Other English (must state what event)
24. Other Miscellaneous Performance (must state what event)


All shows will run on the 3rd Saturday of the month

AUGUST 18, 2018 - Performance
Laurel Dedes
5193 Coventry Lane
Barboursville, VA 22923

SEPTEMBER 15, 2018 - Halter

Traci Durrell-Khalife
1666 SW Country Club Pl
Corvallis OR 97333-1561

OCTOBER 20, 2018 - Performance
Traci Durrell-Khalife
1666 SW Country Club Pl
Corvallis OR 97333-1561

NOVEMBER 17, 2017 - Halter
Terry Boaz
5680 Ashwood Lane
Loma Rica, California 95901-9557

DECEMBER 15, 2018 - Performance
Charlotte Martin
3097 Hillery Rd
Lake Charles, LA 70611

JANUARY 19, 2019 - Halter
Marie J. Phillips
93 Franklin Ave
Oakville  CT 06779

FEBRUARY 16, 2019 - Performance
Renee Jordan
5415 Mattie Reeves Rd
Lake Charles, LA  70611

MARCH 16, 2019 - Halter
Betty Hook
800 Hunters Valley Rd
Liverpool, PA 17045

APRIL 20, 2019 - Performance
BJ Owens
4862 SW 44th Terrace
Ft Lauderdale, FL 33314

MAY 18, 2019 - Halter
Holly Goldman-Craig
P.O. Box 417
Averill Park, NY 12018

The MEPSA Mission Statement:

The mission of the Model Equine Photo Showers Association is to serve as an inclusive organization to promote photo showing in the model horse hobby.

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